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How Random Drug Testing Works

How Random Drug Testing Works

Every employee must align with their company’s values. If someone is disrespectful or makes others uncomfortable, they’ll be subject to termination. This is why random drug testing in the workplace is so important. Random drug testing is not meant to “catch” people that are breaking the rules. Instead, random drug testing allows businesses to make sure everyone is abiding by the law and can perform their job efficiently. This guide will inform anxious employers on how random drug testing works. There are a few things you should know about the process before you begin.

Get the Right Supplies

Employers must obtain the right supplies before they begin drug testing people at random. Luckily, Teststock has everything you could possibly need. We want to help employers obtain the proper materials so they can get the most accurate drug tests possible. We sell urine cup drug tests that are extremely accurate and quick. We also sell drug tests that include swabbing the inside of a person’s mouth. Our drug testing kits screen for substances such as marijuana or opioids. Again, our purpose is not to “catch” anyone who abuses drugs. We simply want to make sure all your employees align with company values and that this person can get the help they need.

Make Sure It’s Random

Employers should use a screening software program to determine which of their employees should be randomly drug tested. Using automated programs reduces the likelihood of discrimination. Employers should never take assignments into their own hands. Computer generated screenings are perfect because they can just select people at random. The only time a person should be exclusively pulled aside for a drug test is if there is a reasonable suspicion they’re under the influence, or if they offended drug policies in the past. However, if you’re planning on running a random test, software programs are the best tools to use.

Next Steps

Employers must have the next steps in place if one of their workers does test positively during a drug test. Most companies have a strike-like system in place. If someone tests positively once, they’re warned and become subjected to more frequent testing in the future. If they continue to test positive for drugs, the employer could terminate them down the line. Some businesses, on the other hand, don’t give employees any sort of chance to redeem themselves. If they test positively once, they’re no longer employed with the company. These policies also change depending on the type of drug detected. If someone tests positive for heroin or opioids, the workplace may terminate their contract immediately or look into getting that person counseling.

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