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The Importance of Random Drug Testing in College Sports

The Importance of Random Drug Testing in College Sports

Millions of people around the country are obsessed with seeing their favorite college team play on TV. It doesn’t even matter if they attended the school or not. People go crazy over watching young athletes duke it out as they try and make it in the big leagues. College athletes are definitely aware of the country’s obsession. Players know that everyone depends on them to have a good game. That’s why a lot of players experiment with drug use. Whether they’re trying performance-enhancing drugs or substances that’ll help them manage their stress, drugs are a massive issue within college sports. This guide will overview the importance of random drug testing in college sports and show that this is a problem that must be taken seriously.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs

No one should underestimate the importance of random drug testing in college sports. Some college athletes take substances to improve their athletic performance. Universities across the country must keep a close eye out for this. Students who take performance-enhancing drugs are doing themselves, and their teammates, a disservice. For one, they’ll never fully understand their true capabilities if they’re ingesting these drugs. It’s a false representation of what they can actually do. Also, it’s entirely unfair to other students who don’t take these substances. Everyone should be on an even playing field, and that’ll never be possible if someone’s taking performance-enhancing drugs. Finally, there are so many side effects to these substances. People who abuse these drugs experience dramatic mood swings and high blood pressure.

Other Drug Abuse & Maintaining School Values

Not all college athletes who use drugs use performance-enhancing substances. Some students need to calm down from the pressure of their jobs, so they abuse drugs such as cannabis and opioids. These substances essentially have the opposite effects of performance-enhancing drugs. Instead of pumping users full of adrenaline, drugs such as cannabis and opioids calm users down and muddle their thoughts. Although students wouldn’t use these drugs to improve their athletic performances, universities still need to take this kind of drug use very seriously. For starters, this type of drug use goes against many school’s values. Students shouldn’t be abusing any type of drug, whether it’s performance-enhancing or not. Also, repeated use of these drugs can severely affect a student’s academic performance. These users often experience drowsiness and, sometimes, depression. Thus, their grades can begin to slip very quickly. So please, coaches, if you suspect one of your players is abusing drugs, subject them to random drug testing. These athletes need to know that this behavior isn’t acceptable. Here at Teststock, we want to help people stay clean and get on the right track. Purchase urine dip tests online, so you can determine if any of your players are doing something they shouldn’t.

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