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Tips for Family Members Helping Someone With an Addiction

Tips for Family Members Helping Someone With an Addiction

Addictions tear families apart. When someone is addicted to drugs, that’s all they care about. They throw their loved ones to the wayside, too focused on getting their next fix. That’s why it’s so important to address an addiction early—the sooner the issue is addressed, the sooner it can be resolved. These tips for family members helping someone with an addiction will make a tough situation a little easier.


Hold an Intervention

If someone you love is struggling with an addiction, one key step is to host an intervention. Gather all of the person’s loved ones and tell them what’s going on. Remind them that this intervention shouldn’t be a blaming session. Rather, the point of such an event is to let the person know that people love and care for them. Ask each person who will be attending to write a letter to the person. Then, everyone can go around and read the kind words to them. Please stay supportive throughout the entire invention. Let the person with the addiction know you’re there for them and want to help them get better.


Seek Professional Help

Enlisting professional help is essential when you’re trying to help someone through an addiction—don’t go through this journey alone. First, contact an addiction therapist to attend the intervention with you. Hopefully, with their expertise, everyone will remain calm and level-headed. You should also contact a rehab center before you hold the intervention. If things go as planned, hopefully, the person will go to the center after the intervention is over. You need professionals with you during this challenging time because emotions will undoubtedly run high.


Addiction is a lifelong battle. That’s why it’s so important for family members to be there for the person who’s struggling. Teststock wants to help those during this difficult time. If you suspect that a loved one is fighting addiction with a substance like fentanyl, purchase a fentanyl urine test from Teststock. The first step in helping someone through addiction is detection.

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